Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Art of Distraction

I think I'm addicted to multitasking. I have always loved games like Diner Dash, I play them on my iPod whenever I need to waste time because I love planning out everything in order to keep the customers happy.

It's become more than that; It's seeped into my life. I think it started the summer before my freshman year of college. My friends and I made 1,000 cranes for a friend who has dealt with reoccurring illnesses, and obviously that took a lot of time. I was folding cranes every second I could find. Watching TV, waiting in lines, listening to music, you name it. It took me about 2 months in which I folded about 600 myself and had wonderful friends help me with the rest. But I don't have the excuse of a project anymore. It's hard for me to just sit down to watch a movie or listen to music. I feel like I need to be doing something else while I'm relaxing! Is it really a wonder I have had problems with stress? Sigh.

I even get to multitask at my job as a kitchen worker at Dion's. Working on the salad station most of the time, it involves a lot of prioritizing; answer the phones, deliver the ticket to the different stations, make a few salads, box them, answer more phones, help the serving counter, refill the lettuce, etc. I'm living in my own Diner Dash!

I have a personal goal for this summer: learn how to sit down, relax, and concentrate on one thing at a time. Can I do it?


Hannah said...

YES! you can do it! perhaps another attempt at yoga will help?

Rachel Bailey said...

I'm thinking about it! As long as I don't pull something like last time ha ha! Maybe the key is to not start with P90X yoga :)