Thursday, June 16, 2011

Don't be a lemonhead

I hope that most of you have seen or at least heard of the show, "I Love Lucy". It is a classic in the Bailey household; I have literally grown up loving Lucille Ball and all of her crazy antics. If you haven't seen this show, wow. Your life just became very sad to me.

Tonight at work, I was closing the cash register. There are many duties to closing register like restocking ice, cleaning the counters and dumping the leftover iced tea and lemonade. This was my first time closing register and my awesome manager told me the easiest way to get rid of the lemonade was to pull it to the side and let it run into the small drain on the counter. He said that once it started pouring, I could reach into the lemonade counter to pull out the metal plug so it would come out quickly. Sounds nice and easy, right? Yeah, I thought so too.

The minute I reached into the lemonade and pulled out the drain, I realized there was a slight problem: the drain was partially blocked and wasn't draining properly! Lemonade was spilling out of the drain, onto the counter, onto the floor. I was in a panic, screaming my manager's name and fruitlessly trying to stop the gush with my hands, even trying to put the plug back in. A coworker told me to grab a pitcher to catch it and as we slipped and slid to grab one, almost falling multiple times, I finally managed to catch the remainder of the lemonade and ended the fiasco. 

It was one of those moments that seemed horrific and tragic while you were in it and once the moment passed, you realize how ridiculous it was. My pants were sopping wet, the floor covered in lemonade, and the best part was when I realized that multiple customers had been standing at the counter watching my entire spastic fit with incredulity almost dripping off their faces. It takes hard work to be as clumsy as me; thankfully, I've had lots of practice. I had to muster up the fragments of my grace and forced casualness as I wiped off my hands on my apron and refilled their drinks while pretending that I had not just made a run for the biggest spaz award. 

I was feeling pretty idiotic as I mopped up the ocean of lemonade on the floor until two particular moments in an "I Love Lucy" episode popped into my head. (I know the second one is horrible quality, but you get the idea.)

I laughed to myself, wrung out my jeans one more time in the trashcan and immediately felt better. I just love "I Love Lucy". 

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Theresa said...

Oh Rachel! You are a gal after my own heart. Remind me to tell you about my Sonic fiasco when I was a clumsy carhop! Haha