Sunday, September 18, 2011

Golden Nuggets

I won't bring down this blog by reiterating the bitter disappointment that was experienced during the BYU game tonight.

There was one part of the game that really affected my outlook on our loss.

As the student rep of the band, I was in charge of delivering granola bars and water to the Utah band. I'm not one of those BYU fans who thinks that all Utah fans are horrid and inhuman; why should an affiliation with a university change your worth in the world? As we delivered the granola bars and carried up several coolers of water and cups, several band members from their band personally thanked us but what surprised me is the number of Utah fans that took the time to express their admiration for our service and gratitude for helping their band. It was a small moment where a small group of us temporarily forgot the game ahead of us and treated each other as friends.

I was exhausted from the hours of preparation for the game. My arms were limp from hauling water coolers and my legs a little sore from sprinting around the stadium several dozen times. But it didn't really matter in that brief moment because people noticed our hard work and took the time to thank us. And they were wearing red shirts. How ironic is that?

A game lost but a better appreciation for the depth of humanity gained. A decent tradeoff in the long run.

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