Sunday, March 18, 2012

I Want To Be Scarlett O'Hara

It's been a busy couple of weeks. Yikesabee. Here are some of the things I have been up to!

I gave blood at the American Red Cross and I had an unfortunate incident where my vein rolled out of the way of the needle. I'm not kidding. It rolled. I know you're jealous; I've got ninja veins. The other arm worked perfectly and after two weeks, my giant bruise is finally gone! 

I switched with one of the tenor saxophones in the Men's Pep Band so that he could travel with his wife with the Woman's Basketball team and I could travel with Aaron with the Men's Basketball team. We left early Monday morning and traveled to Dayton, Ohio.

I got to meet a few of the players. I had a nice awkward conversation in the elevator with this player, Chris Collinsworth. "Where are you from?" "Albuquerque. Actually BYU. I'm actually in the band." "Oh. Well, thanks for supporting us." "Thank you for letting you." 

Watched an incredible game against Iona! NCAA history making game where we had a comeback of 25 points! There's a picture of us from when they showed us on ESPN. Yes, that is me on the top row, second from the right, screaming as loud as I could. Best game ever. 

If I could put how I felt into one visual image, this would be it!

We made our way down to Louisville, Kentucky for the first round NCAA game. We visited Churchill Downs, the famous arena for the Kentucky Derby!

Every girl has wanted to date a cowboy at some point in their life. For me, I first fell in love with Curly from Oklahoma. Lucky me, Aaron happens to be a part-time cowboy! Just ask him to sing you one of his cowboy songs. You'll love it.

My dreams of becoming a southern belle became clearer.

I got to hang out with great friends and my great roommate, Jill.
Then, there was the sad Marquette game. To be fair, they're a Number 3 seed. We knew they'd be tough.

We came back late Thursday night and it's back to business as usual! Tests, midterms, homework assignments, and projects galore. To make myself feel better, I made myself this delicious Nutella Banana Bread that has pretty much made all of my dreams come true. Try it. Hasn't my picture convinced you?

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