Sunday, July 29, 2012

What a Sweet Night

I had my bridal shower last Thursday, and well, it was simply lovely. My wonderful sister-in-law Bri sent out beautiful invitations and graciously planned and cooked, with the help of a great family friend, April Blodgett!


Check out these beautiful poppy seed cake and white chocolate drizzled strawberries. Poppy seed  cake has to be my favorite type of cake. I would make this all the time if poppy seeds weren't so dang expensive!


Bri made a variety delicious cocktail-style drinks (minus the alcohol, of course. No need to be concerned.), complete with Kool Aid edges on the glasses!

This drink was probably my favorite. Apparently, you can separate colors in drinks according to their sugar content! It's kind of like this! And it's in my wedding colors. Adorbs.

Staying classy.

Are you ready for this? Banana split bites. Yes, there is actually ice cream inside those frozen bananas. Oh my goodness. So delicious! Apparently they are not an easy feat, but well worth the taste!


 Chocolate pudding+raspberries+whipped cream+many delicious things. So good.

A castle of little salt taffy containers to take home.

Lights in jars everywhere. In love. It was simply a dream! I'm so grateful for everyone who came! 13 days!

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