Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Sweater Licking

I was asked to substitute to teach a children's class on Sunday. I had signed up to substitute a couple month's ago, but I hadn't been asked until Saturday. What age group was it, you ask? 4-year-olds.

I was so nervous to prepare a lesson for this age group. I don't usually have to teach children specific things like aspects of our church. It's usually more like, "Stop hitting your sister." "No, you can't bite my shoulder." "Yes, I am your favorite aunt in the whole world."

When I walked into the chaos of Junior Primary, the  Primary President approached me and said, "Is your husband here to help you substitute today?" I casually said, "No. Should he be?" She just sighed a little and said, "Good luck."

You'd think I was watching over little monsters and not cute little kiddies!

I sat down on a teensy little chair and was feeling pretty out of place until Alanee came over, a girl I had not met until that day, and said sweetly, "Can I sit on your lap?" My heart melted all over the floor.

I spent the first hour of Junior Primary convincing the kids to sit down and pretend like they were paying attention. At one point, a little girl sat down next to me, started to lick my sweater, and then said, "I want my old teacher back."

Needless to say, things went really smoothly. I made it through my own lesson with the help of two other volunteers and only had to take care of one screaming child. We'll just pretend she wasn't screaming because I wasn't her favorite teacher. I think I'll count this one as a success.


Allison said...

I love it! I have yet to witness sweater licking in nursery.

Theresa said...

K is a little I am worried he may grow up to be a sweater licker!

Theresa said...
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