Tuesday, August 16, 2011


I haven't always paid a lot of attention to politics in the past. In the last presidential election, I tried to follow more of the debates, but I didn't really like either of the candidates. I just knew I disliked Obama more than McCain. This coming election will be the first one I can vote in and I feel a greater responsibility to follow the candidate's positions and start figuring out where I stand.

This election looks promising, however. I'm naturally drawn to Mitt Romney, of course, not only because he is a Mormon but because of his morals and the way he openly admits his religious affiliation. Being a Mormon could really hurt him in this election (which continues to baffle me) but he doesn't hide his beliefs. I applaud that. This is why Mormons might have a shot in this election

I have a shallow thing to admit. I sometimes make first opinions on how presidential a candidate looks. Can I visually see him/her leading this country?

Candidate #1

 Candidate #2

 Candidate #3

 Candidate #4

Candidate #5

Something to ponder. 

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