Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Dear John

I love this. In honor of all of my missionary friends scattered throughout the world, please enjoy.

A Black Name tag upon my chest
We are the men, the church's best.
Some may boast and some may brag,
But only a few wear the Black name tag.

Twenty-four months without a date.
But we are tough, we can wait,
Our girls at home, they never brag...
Their brave men wear the Black name tag.

Back at home our girlfriends wait,
But not for long, she starts to date,
Her interest soon begins to lag,
She soon "Dear Johns" the Black name tag.

On our return we resume life,
Start our search to find a wife.
But finds are few and efforts lag,
But such is life for the Black name tag.

You find a fox, she has her man,
You find a chick, she has a plan.
You find the one, but what a drag,
She wants to wear The Black name tag.

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