Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Leave Me In Peace

Thanks to my Biology class, I have a strange fixation with leaves. I am still working on my experiment that involves the pigmentation of leaves in different elevations and I could have been spotted prancing around Provo last night with my friend, Kacy, collecting dozens of leaves. This is the best part of the season where there is still beautiful color in the trees and the large tempting piles of leaves have yet to be sucked up by the campus ground crews. In a few more weeks or perhaps days, all the leaves will have fallen away into the crevice of winter and the desolation of finals. Gracious.

In honor of my new love of leaves, I present two of my favorite songs that I sing to myself as I work on my project.

Yeah, they used toast. Can they be any more legit?

More Simon & Garfunkel; don't you just love them with all your heart?

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