Monday, March 26, 2012

Cheaper by the Dozen

After two and a half weeks of anticipation, I was finally able to meet my newest nephew, the newest son of Andy and Julie! He makes number 12. The oldest, Brennen Longman, is 14 and Henry Bowen Adamson was born just two weeks ago.

He is about as charming as you can get.

It's a unique experience holding a new nephew. Some people tend to get sentimental when their kids or siblings graduate, get married, or embark on some new experience when they're older. Not me. I get sentimental in the first moment I hold him/her. They're just so tiny! They're innocent, helpless, and all-loving. I start thinking about what their life might entail. What will they be like in high school? Will they be a jock or a geek? Funny or quiet?

Of course, I can never tell in that first moment. Henry looked up at me with big eyes and I realized that I will be almost 40 years old when he graduates high school. The age gap between me and my nephews and nieces is widening and I'm starting to feel more like an aunt instead of a cousin or playmate.

Henry Adamson. I know we've known each other before, but it was an utter delight to remake your acquaintance! Here's to a lifetime of loving you!

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