Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Ma Maison

I've been having an interesting day today. It's the last day of classes for winter semester and I find myself, once again, shocked at how fast this semester has gone. I still feel like I should be somewhere in the interminable month of March, wishing, hoping, and waiting for midterms to pass by swiftly.

I'm graduating a year earlier than normal; my anticipated graduation date is currently August 2013. This puts me in a crazy position of going from a sophomore in college to...a senior? I think I'll consider this Spring/Summer segment as my junior year just so I can avoid senioritis for as long as possible. But realistically, when Fall comes, I will be considered a senior in my college career. Is anyone else a little (or a lot) freaked out by this? There will be a lot of hard work between now and then, to be sure. 2 years of straight classes without major breaks is no cake walk. But the end is within sight. Beautiful.

The video I posted is called, "La Maison en Petits Cubes". We watched it in my French class this past week and I can't help but keep thinking about it. When I first saw it, I thought, Why doesn't he just move somewhere else? I couldn't understand why he stayed in the same place and chose to build multiple levels onto his house instead of simply leaving. This past week, I changed my hometown on my Facebook profile. It used to say Wichita, KS because that is where I was born and spent the first 3 years of life. However, when a friend pointed it out to me, I realized that, of course, Wichita is not my hometown! Not really. I changed it to Omaha, NE. That's my base, my history, my place of growth. With this change and with my latest realization about the impending end of my college career, I have spent a good amount of time reminiscing lately.

After watching this video, I began to think about what my own house would look like if I stacked each part of my life on top of one another. My bedroom in the brown house in Omaha. Elkhorn High School where I went from a timid, slightly awkward freshman to a talkative junior who made incredible, life-long friends. My angular room in Albuquerque that once felt like a stranger's room rather than my own. My first apartment at BYU. My second apartment. My life really isn't much different than the man living his teetering house underwater. Although I move to different places and my life shifts with every changing season, I carry my memories and the shadows of my past friends with me. The exhilaration of conducting a marching band for the first time and the wonderful peace that came when people asked me to sit and eat lunch with them on my first day of school in Albuquerque. Old friends, first loves, I carry them all with me.

I am a woman made of cubes.

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