Sunday, June 10, 2012

Now Run Around Like a Crazy Person!

It has been far too long since I have posted on here. My dear mother was kind enough to remind me of this fact yesterday:
 To my credit, I have a few excuses. Working 20 hours a week, attending 2 classes, planning a wedding, attempting to remain social with my friends, and lots of family time. It has been one crazy spring semester! I have had so many blessings these past few weeks, it's seriously a miracle.

1) I have managed to survive these classes. I'm currently taking my upper level grammar class and I am finishing up my last French class EVER! Hold on. Is this real life? I ask myself that often. It's not that I hate French, I just hate how much time I spend on a class that isn't directly linked to my major. But in just 3 days, I shall be done forever! Ah blissful day! Considering that it's summer, beautiful weather and no one else seems to be taking classes around me except for one of my roommates, my motivation to study has not been significantly high the past few weeks. In spite of that. I have managed to do well on my tests and assignments and I with a bit of hard work this week, I should finish this semester in good graces. I am fully aware of the Lord's hand in my life as He has helped me with these tests.

2) I just got the job of my college career. The best part is I didn't even know I was applying for it! My boss at my custodial job, Renea, told us a week ago that she leaving to go to Seattle to pursue her career goals. We are all really excited for her but to be honest, she was one of the last things tying me to that job. My job has been wonderful this past year because it has given me so much flexibility with school and health problems. However, I have aspired to graduate with some more relevant job experience to put on my resumé. Then I found the job. I applied for an Administrative Assistant position but while I was explaining my experience with editing, he offered me a different position! I am currently the editor for the Ancient Text department through the Maxwell Center and I'll be spending the summer editing a book that is up for publication and I will be spending the rest of the year working with the publications department on their various publications. It all hit me when I asked how long the job would last and he said in his charming British accent, "Ideally, forever. Or at least until you graduate."

Stars began to flash before my eyes and it really hit me: I'm going to help publish books. This is my dream! It was impossible to keep a smile off my face as I accepted the job and floated all the way home. Did I mention that it is a 30 second walk from my apartment right now?

3) My biggest blessing in my life is my wonderful fiancé. He's my best friend and he helps me through everything. He's helping me reestablish my study habits by going to the library with me 2 hours a day while he studies for the GMAT, eats dinner with me almost every night, listens to all of my stories, laughing at my jokes (even the ones that aren't funny), and letting me cry on his shoulder when the pressures get too big. It has been a difficult semester in some respects, simply due to the pressures of planning and studying and trying to maintain work hours. I have heard it said before, but once you start making incredible decisions like preparing for a mission or getting engaged, the world seems to fight against you and tries to stop you. Despite the pressures and stress, I know that nothing can stop me in my pursuit of happiness. With my family, loved ones and my Savior on my side, I know that I cannot fail.

61 days until I become Rachel Taylor. The goal is in sight!

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