Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Exotic Living

This is a pomegranate. For those of you who just rolled your eyes and said, "Well, duh!" don't mock me. I had heard of them, of course, but I didn't even know what part of the pomegranate you're supposed to eat! Were we supposed to peel them like oranges? Chew on the skin? Sit there smelling its general appetizing scent? Aaron and I decided to buy one when were at Target last week, and as exciting and sophisticated as we felt when we bought it, we had no idea what to do with it.

So we went to youtube.

We found 2 videos that seemed promising.

This one teaches you how to seed pomegranates under water to avoid those fatal stains that can squirt up at you. Yes, the man is very pompous and appears to believe himself to be the first person to eat a pomegranate. 

This one is pretty cheesy and the two boys look like they want to do just about anything rather than hitting pomegranates. This one teaches you to cut open a pomegranate and hit the outside to shake loose the seeds in the bowl. 

We tried each technique on different halves of the pomegranate to figure out which one we like more. Surprisingly, the hitting technique was much better! With the water, it's hard to loose the membrane off of the seeds and even harder to drain the membranes out of the water. The juices in the seeds were diluted as a result of the water as well. 

We found the seeds quite delicious once you get past the feeling that you're eating a raspberry that intermarried with hard kernels of corn. 

We also don't recommend shoving a huge handful in your mouth and trying to eat it at the same time. The initial jolt of juice is delicious, but then you have the unfortunate sensation that you're gnawing on wood when you try to swallow them.

Go buy yourself a pomegranate! Grab a spoon and whack away. It's wonderful for stress relief.

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