Monday, November 19, 2012

Give me a break. Seriously, give me one.

Well, it's about that point in the semester. The point where I start measuring time by when my assignments are due or until tests are over. It's no longer, "I can't wait for Thanksgiving break on Wednesday!" It has become, "I can't wait for Test 6 to be done and for my Empirical Methods project to be turned in!" The internal battle has begun between my better judgment and my wearied mind.

You care about this paper! You care about your grade in this class! Work harder!
I could care less about the linguistic phenomenon between middle-aged women. Who really cares about this class? It's pointless. It's all worthless.

To make matters worse, my computer pooped out on me today. One second, I was happily washing dishes and watching Psych on Netflix, and the next, my computer is freezing. I tried to restart it, and all that came up was this:

My poor Mac looked so lost and confused, saying to me in a quiet, weakened voice, Save me, Rachel. With heavy heart, I drove it to the ER (Simply Mac) and waited for their diagnosis.They said they'd take a look at it, checked it in, asked me to sign a few release forms, and took him away to be around the other sick Apple products. I waved sadly as the employee took it away, making him promise that he would take care of it as if it were his own Macbook Pro. He said he would, and offered me words of comfort in my time of need. 

I'm typing this post on an inferior computer at the library, my fingers fumbling over the shortcut to make words italicized. It's just not the same. While I wait for my baby computer to return to me sometime this week, I can look forward to a "break" filled with so many fun assignments:
  • 4-page response paper
  • 10 exercises
  • Linguistic Project Outline and Literature Review
  • Studying for Quiz 4 in New Testament
  • Finishing Homework 4 in Dialects
  • Final paper in History of the English Language
  • Studying for Quiz 5 in New Testament
  • Working on Project 13 in Empirical Methods
  • Working on final linguistic project in Empirical Methods

And then there's finals in 3 weeks. But after finals, I get to go here with the band and cheer on my Cougars in San Diego for the Poinsettia Bowl! Then home for Christmas, and bim, bam, boom! Happiness for 2 1/2 weeks!

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Allison said...

You can do it! Go go go!

And Christmas is going to be amazing :) Nearly there!