Thursday, January 3, 2013

Are You in Good Hands?

I love getting haircuts. I usually walk into the salon thinking, My hair is so boring. It's disgusting, it never looks right, and my bangs have no idea what they're doing. I sit down, distressed, and my hairdresser asks me, "So what are we doing with your hair today?" It seems so obvious. I just point to my head and say, "Well, we need to fix this." I  may seem a little overdramatic, but I have pretty high expectations for how I want my hair to look and extremely low expectations of what I will put in to get it there. My hair regiment usually consists of showering in the morning, running around the apartment like a crazy person trying to get myself ready, and if there's a few extra minutes, I'll pull out the blow dryer for about 4 1/2 minutes.

This wouldn't necessarily be a problem if I was OK with my hair looking like this

instead of expecting my hair to look like this.

It takes a lot to trust your hair to someone. Men don't always understand this concept, because even if they have a bad haircut, all they have to do is wait out a week or two until it grows back to its original length. For me, it's a bigger deal. When I moved from Omaha, leaving my hairdresser Lucy was one of the hardest parts when I tried to envision making a new life in Albuquerque. Lucy knew everything about my hair! How I like my bangs, how little I was willing to upkeep my hair, and what I wanted to look like when it dried naturally. Thankfully, our good friend and realtor Judy gave us a recommendation and that's how we found Diane. I declare that you can decide if a hairdresser works for you in about 2 minutes or less. There's a certain way that a good hairdresser will wash your hair, handle your hair when she cuts it, even just runs a brush through it. I knew Diane would make the cut. 

Despite my low maintenance expectations, my hair dresser Diane manages to take my vague murmurings about uncooperative bangs and turns it into an updated look. Today's cut was no different! She just makes me feel so good about my hair, telling me what a wonderful color my hair is and how she'd never forgive me if I colored it, praising my thick hair, and telling me how lucky I am to have so much hair! I always walk out of the salon feeling like a grown-up Emma Watson.

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