Saturday, December 29, 2012

White Can Be Pretty, Too.

It has been a very busy vacation! After we made it home from San Diego, my brother Ryan and his family met us in ABQ to head down to Ruidoso, New Mexico. We had a couple day trips that we embarked on during our stay there, one of them visiting the White Sands National Monument. 

This place is incredible! I have never been there before, but I loved it! We brought little round sleds that we greased up and rode down the sand dunes! I'm a little cautious sometimes (OK, a lot-a-bit cautious), and after much persuading (and teasing, joking, taunting, and threatening), I rode down the hill face first. It was exhilarating.

The boys were doing lots of cool tricks and summersaults down the hill, and then Aaron tried to pull me down to jump with him. 

It didn't work so well. I like to employ the dead legs trick that is commonly employed by small children. 

Bless his heart, he just kept trying. And failing. I'm just a little bit stubborn.

Allison was much more willing to be pulled down the hill:

After we tumbled down the hill for a while, we took our family pictures! They were very beautiful.

Many moons ago, when we were looking at taking our engagement pictures, we really wanted to take our engagement pictures out on the salt flats. With a piano. It was going to be legit! But then we realized the cost of buying a piano, lugging it out to the salt flats...yeah, it would have been a little much. But these pictures came pretty close to achieving my dreams of those pictures.

Happy Holidays everyone!

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