Saturday, April 13, 2013

Food Blogger Wannabe

I'm a food blogger addict. I admit it. It's where I find about everything I make, and I like to think that maybe one day I'll join their ranks. Of course, that means I should work on posting more of my recipes that I make. I'll try working on that.

In my Chum class (Print Publishing), my final project is to make a book of some sort. I immediately thought of making a recipe book for all of my favorite food blogger recipes! Of course, it has taken a loooooooooong time. There's so much formatting and nit-picky details to look at, but it's almost done and I'm pleased with the result! Here's a little peek into my hard work!

Not only am I working on that project, but Aaron also showed me how to manipulate HTML so that I can create food pages on my blog. It's so much easier than all of the other ways I was trying to create them before. Take a look at the pages on the top of my page and see if you like it! I can't wait to add more dishes!

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