Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Last Lectures

The ends of semesters are an interesting time for me. There's stress that comes with working on 5 different projects and papers at once, there's little sleep, and there's also hope for a respite from everything. But there are also goodbyes. I'm not good at goodbyes in general, and it's always hard to say goodbye to friends in classes. ELang is a relatively small major, and I see all the same people in most of my classes for the past year or two. We joke during class, share our stress about tests, find out little snippets about each others' lives, and in general, we get used to seeing each other every day. It's obviously not the same as your best friends or your family, but they are kind of like a support system from school.

I don't hang out with my school friends outside of school, mainly because I hang out with Aaron most of the time and my time is already limited with everything I am working on. But they are great people, and in some different time or place, I like to think we could be good friends. And yet after 3 or 4 semesters together, numerous homework assignments, and group projects, they go from being strangers to friends to what?

I have these great friends, and yet I usually don't have a poignant last phrase that summarizes our friendship, because it seems kind of dramatic and overdone. Instead I say, "See you later." I choose to believe we'll see each other again someday.

Last day of classes of winter semester. Phew.

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