Monday, April 15, 2013

New Opportunities

As I was looking towards my spring semester, I suddenly felt this anxiety. Yes, I have been blessed to get this job at the Maxwell Institute, but why haven't I been trying to take advantage of all of the other opportunities offered in college? So I made the decision to not take my upper level grammar class I was scheduled to take and I started to look for an internship. I talked to my editing superviser, and he gave me a list of people to contact about internships. I've never made cold calls (or emails, really) before, and I found that most people were looking for someone to stay on for the next school year.

But finally, mercifully, I got a bite.

BYU Religious Studies brought me in for an interview and editing test, and I received an official offer about an hour later! I'll be working on journals, magazines, and books with a group of editors. It's a paid position and I'll be working about 10 hours a week to receive my internship credit. I am so excited to start this additional phase of editing!

Now when I graduate, all I have to do is find a group of religious writers who might be looking for an editor. That should be a large population of people, right?

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