Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Wouldn't Wanna Change A Thing

My favorite channel on Pandora is the John Williams channel. I listen to it constantly while I do homework and the highlight of my homework session is always when a Harry Potter soundtrack comes on because I always imagine myself at Hogwarts. It's makes even the most unendurable subjects, like Geology, become almost bearable. I swear my intelligence level actually raises a notch or two.

Movie soundtracks are supposed to manipulate your emotions and accentuate the plot line, of course. They make me actually care that Thor might not beat the bad guy for once. That's pretty powerful stuff.

I fantasize a lot about how cool it would be to have a soundtrack of my life.

The Jaws theme would play when someone I dislike was approaching.
       The Indiana Jones song would play on my way to take a test at the Testing            Center.
              Braveheart would play any day when I need to regain my confidence on my down days.

This song would be the soundtrack of my day today: Strawberry Swing by Coldplay.

This song is washing cars on the driveway and getting more water on you than the car. It's stopping to pet the two adorable pugs you pass by in the neighborhood on your daily jog. It's trying to tell a close friend a Brian Regan skit and both of you crying with laughter the entire time. It's cooking s'mores in the oven late at night with friends and getting sticky fingers.

It's like taking a deep breath for the first time in months. Try it. You feel that? That's summer.

The summer night is like a perfection of thought. -Wallace Stevens


Suzette Rovelsky said...

*Humming barely distinguishable tune* "Name that tune?"
"Hmm, Braveheart."

Haha, by the way, I favor the Hans Zimmer channel a lot more; the problem I have with the John Williams channel is that Star Wars or Jurassic Park comes up and I CANNOT study to those! At all. It's weird.

Rachel Bailey said...

Ha ha! That's so funny! John Williams channel played Glee the other day. The audacity.