Monday, May 9, 2011

You're timeless to me

For most girls, their first crush came in 4th grade on the boy who sat behind them and stuck tape in their hair.

Not me.

For as long as I could remember, Mr. Darcy from the BBC Pride and Prejudice was always my ideal husband. I love the literary version of Mr. Darcy as well but there is something about Colin Firth's interpretation that continues to secure my affection 12 or so years later. It's more than his delightful British accent or how handsome he looks in 1800 style attire.

His smoldering gazes.
His witty comebacks during the dances.
The way he looks at Elizabeth when she is standing by the piano.

He received an Academy Award this past year for his role as King George VI in "The King's Speech" and he was incredible. It was recently released in PG-13 and it is in the dollar theaters; no one should miss an opportunity to see it! You will not be disappointed. I loved it! Even portraying a stuttering and self-conscious man, I can't help but appreciate him all the more for his superb acting.

"I was told of a woman in a hospital, diagnosed with high blood pressure, who was told not to watch any more "Pride and Prejudice". She's 103."-Colin Firth

See, it's not just me. He really is timeless.

I don't care about Colin Firth's age, his wife, or the fact that I will never meet him. I can't help it. He will always be my Mr. Darcy.


Theresa said...

Haha! Oh I love ya Rachel! You need to read "Austenland" :)

Rachel Bailey said...

I've read it actually ha ha! I loved it! I hear they might make a movie out of it soon.